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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner


Looking to make your settings memorable?

In Eight Strategies for Writing Innovative Settings, we’ll examine key strategies to create impact for the settings of our novels regardless of genre. Each section focuses on one strategy with three or four applications and creative writing prompts to customize to your work. Whether you are just beginning a project or ready to revise, these suggestions will give you critical perspective.

In addition, we will look at novel excerpts from a variety of genres to see how authors have built unique settings—and how we can apply these techniques to our own work.

Build Your Story: What questions do you want answered for your specific setting?

Write with Impact workshops are a compilation of techniques, exercises, and observations that will give your writing a fresh slant, prompt your creativity, and take your writing to a deeper level.

What exactly does it mean to write with impact? When we go deeper into our stories with heart-to-heart connections and associations, we can write stories that make an impact on our readers.

A Lenten Journal

Through Lent’s loss we begin to recognize the shadows and barriers we set around God’s promises and reopen His call to pursue life under His influence.

This journal is a forty-day retreat to pause and be invited to connect our spiritual hunger with God’s loving gift. We can recalibrate a new beginning into our lives even in the midst of extreme brokenness.Let the passages, poems, and writing prompts refresh and restore your heart in the Lord’s everlasting grace, either personally or in a small group setting.

A Writer's Spiritual Retreat

There are seasons in our lives when we run so hard and so fast that our hearts forget why. We hit the brick wall that is the artist’s mid-way slump. This journal is a retreat for creative renewal. Take time to dream again. Let the passages, poems and writing prompts refresh and recalibrate your soul’s perspective, either personally or in a small group setting.

Whether a gentle breeze or a raging storm, when a wind sweeps through our lives, change follows. Wind Sifting is a collection of poems reflecting the seasons and the moments when these winds sift our circumstances to reveal insight and clarity, even in times of chaos. 

Summer Sketches is a collection of reminiscent poems covering a span of several summers spent at The Lake.  The narrator shares them in a memoir style, as if looking through a photo album, sharing snapshots and experiences with another person whom she trusts with her deepest feelings. Through the dramatic monologue the reader begins to recognize a deeper story exists behind those reflections making visible hidden truths.

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