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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Build A Story World

Coinage--Economic Roots--Example

Knowing the coinage and economic roots can move your plot along in interesting ways. For example, in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo conflict is tied into the system from the very beginning. Alongside the financial and social system is a barter system that seeks to gain influence in various means.

Edmond Dantes is duped by Napoleon into passing on a letter. The magistrate, Villefort, acknowledges Edmond’s innocence until he discovers that the letter was meant for his father. Villefort then uses the barter to put Dantes away for life in prison; both for his own political safety and as a favor to Fernand Mondego, a childhood friend of Dantes, who despite his own wealth and status is eaten up by jealousy for anything Dantes achieves.

Although the viewer does not see the full results until the end of the movies, both men extend their pact and use the barter in increasing ways to solidify their greed as they grasp for influence and power. Fueled by his own revenge Dantes uses their very system to force them into accountability. He squeezes them financially to ruin and public display.

The moral compass and reasoning differs between all three men, but all are able to use the coinage system of their era to achieve their desired ends. And all are in conflict with each other adding critical tension to reach the crisis and climax points.


         Use either this movie or another of your choice, plot out the turning moral turning points/decisions for one of these characters that had a direct effect financially or socially for them.

Share: What is another well known novel or movie that you consider a good example of weaving conflict through coinage roots?

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