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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Connect With Maps

Have you ever had a life map goal so entrenched in your expectations that you can’t or won’t veer from it? But then the unexpected happens and suddenly your choices are turned upside down.

In the movie Shag, four friends have their lives mapped out for them—literally and figuratively. With one exception they are about to settle into or accept the social, cultural expectations of their world and what others expect from them. But not without one last burst of freedom, one weekend to be who they think they are, and in those few days discover a new life map.

One young socialite is so fixated on her upcoming wedding that her best friends lie to her about their destination. Only when they turn onto a different highway does she realize they are heading for a beach to party. She had only agreed to the weekend if the activities had fit an acceptable decorum. She resists as much as possible but is pulled into the lure of a different road. Away from the rules she finds the shell she has molded for herself breaking into pieces.

Journal Prompt:

Choose some categories of lifestyle that are, or were, in your heroine’s high school world. Is it a private school atmosphere or a rural school, high school with 4,000 students or one with 400?

What are the expectations of their family and community towards them, that they will follow into trade jobs, marry, stay status quo or go off the grid? Choose four from different economic, or other status levels, and write up a sketch of their expected day responsibilities ahead of them.

Share: Did your heroine follow the status quo or choose a different journey? What happened?

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