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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Build a Story World

Read With Impact

 Reading Logs

  1. Purpose. Read for content-fuel for ideas.

  1. Process. Read through. While reading mark it up. Underline phrases/words/ideas that catch your attention. Put question marks next to thoughts/topics etc that you are confused by or disagree with. Notice metaphors/symbols. What is the text saying?

  1. Part One. Write a quick reflective log. What do you think about this piece? What did you notice? What is your personal reaction? Just free-write your ideas without stopping for sentence structure or punctuation.

4.    Part Two. Analysis. Write critique notes. Develop a closer look. Ask questions.
        “Is there a connection between…? Why that POV? What effect does the  

5.    Part Three. Connections. Now think of what your opinion or new insights are    
 after sharing with others.

a.     For example, “What are the implications of the author’s POV?” “Did the author effectively accomplish their purpose?” “Did you learn anything?”


b.     When helpful write out a generic plot line but be careful not to leave too much out for the sake of clarity. “A young man, seeking to avenge the murder of his father by his uncle, kills his uncle, but he himself and others die in the process.” (Not sure everyone would recognize Hamlet from this plot line)


1.     Go back to your favorite scene in the last book you read and apply these questions.

2.     Note what tugged at your heartstrings. How can you adapt/apply the same techniques to a scene in your novel?

3.     Hand out a copy of this reading log or another version to your reading friends and all read the same book. Then share your insights.

Share: The generic plot line for the book you read.

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