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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Create With Mystery

“Location is the crossroads of circumstance, the proving ground of ‘What happened? Who’s here? Who’s coming?’ –and that is the heart’s field.” Eudora Welty

Although all four stories in Central Park Rendezvous are guided by the same three key details: letters, a coin and a bridge, they each develop the story mystery with completely different emphasis.

The contemporary, Dream a Little Dream by Ronie Kendig, combines two mysteries, a personal one as the main characters begin to understand each other, and a ‘What Happened’ as they try to unravel a missing person from forty years ago.

In Dineen Miller’s A Love Meant To Be, mis-understanding, jealousy, and interference crush hope in two lives. Can the scattered jigsaw pieces of circumstances and fear fit into a whole new beginning?

To Sing Another Day, by Kim Vogel Sawyer tackles “Who’s here?’ as both main characters try to unravel their mystery with crumb size clues. She can’t understand why someone who left her is such despair is now bringing gifts. Or is it someone else? He can’t bear watching her struggle without faith. Can he really help or is he making the situation worse?

Mary Lu Tyndall, battles with truth and honesty in lives torn apart by war in Beauty For Ashes. An honorable man gradually uncovers the secrets kept hidden under selfish desires and realizes the trap before him. So he prays for time. And waits at the bridge to see who is coming.

All plausible abodes. All everyday common. And all touched by translucence when hearts allow love to breathe metaphor and maps and memory and mystery throughout their stories.

Journal Prompt:

            In your novel look for your bridge (a specific recurring location), your letter (information) and your coin (a valued keepsake). Write up a history question for them in three time stages, either over a past year, or decade or longer. And/or write up a future mystery thread for them to play into—again with three time frames.

Share: Which one was the hardest to capture? Which the most fun?

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