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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reading For Craft

Reading For Craft also means reading quality stories in the genre of your choice. Over the next few weeks we’ll look at some wonderful stories by excellent novelists in different categories. There’s a reason that as readers we become fans. When we find a storyteller we can trust we always want more.

On Distant Shores

One of my favorite novelists is Sarah Sundin, Wings of Glory historical series, and now Wings of the Nightingale series. Yet you don’t need to only enjoy an historical to appreciate Sundin’s works because her stories capture timeless elements. Her committed accuracy to historical details is the icing. The history weaves seamlessly though lives, as honestly as breathing—simple and complicated together. Her dedication to detail raises the bar, both for the story and for the genre. She makes it look so natural that as a reader you are transported to the common day of her characters.

Recent release On Distant Shores, by Sarah Sundin is the second of the Nightingale trilogy and a welcome return to the World War II battle zone where the flight nurses struggle for their patients and for themselves.

Lt. Georgiana Taylor loves her job and her life, but as the war continues to batter resources and stamina she begins to wonder if she can genuinely fulfill her role as a flight nurse or if she is in over her head. Especially with her family demanding she return stateside. Then she meets Sgt John Hutchinson, a non-commissioned pharmacist who challenges her to prayerfully make her own decisions and let God lead her instead. 

In return, Georgie’s attempts to now mend her unraveling circumstances re-challenge Hutch to live his own words of trust instead of accepting the debilitating misery creeping into his own heart as the war erodes his personal life at home and on the battlefields. Even his friendship with Georgie is perilous as rules forbid any fraternization.

On Distant Shores catches you by the heart and keeps you reading until the very last sentence. And not want to say goodbye. Just what a well-written novel should do.

Share: Who is one of your favorite historical novelists? Why?


  1. Marcy - thank you so much for featuring On Distant Shores! And special thanks for helping me make it the book that it is.

  2. Sarah, I love the way you bring your heart of storytelling with a commitment to craft and create such great reads. :)


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