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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Reading For Craft

Journals, Diaries, and Letters (Courage)

“This is the moment when faith is called for. Faith in the creative spirit within me, which is part of what I’ve been given by God; faith in the process; faith in my intelligence and my imagination. …….. I suit up and show up. I sit down at the computer and I do the work, moving it forward a sentence a t a time, which is ultimately the only way there is to write a book.” Elizabeth George, Journal of a Novel, July 6, 1998.

Third: Courage

Reading a collection of letters gathered over a period of time gives an extremely personal inside view of why the writer continues to keep on going through many trials and their how they live out their worldview perspective. Which in turn can give readers, or characters, some insight as to how to apply or reject a viewpoint by seeing the long-term influence emotionally and psychologically.

Even when some of the letters are written with the intent to be read for public consumption, there is still a key purpose or concern being offered. The apostle Paul knew his letters would be circulated amongst many churches. People who write letters to the editor or an organization consistently have a message they want heard. Elizabeth George wrote her letters about her novels to herself.

C.S. Lewis wrote many letters for publication and literary intent, but he also wrote to a woman he never met and never expected his letters to be made public. His Letters to an American Woman included discussions and encouragement and personal sharing.

Family letters become even more personal, either from one to another emptying their hearts or in reverse protecting their loved ones from knowing what they are going through—each poignant from a different angle.

Need your own brand of courage to face a personal or vocational issue? Look for letters and let another’s journey walk alongside you or your character.

Share: Do you have a special blog (modern day version of letters sometimes) you go to for inspiration? What does it offer you that you keep reading?

Read deep, marcy

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