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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Heart for Inspirational Romance (Part Two)

Reading for Craft

Last week we looked at the romance attribute of fellowship. Here are the next two relevant characteristics for quality inspiration.

Insight. Whether flying the skies over Europe in the historical World War II series Wings of Glory by Sarah Sundin, or time traveling in Italy with Lisa T. Bergren’s River of Time, inspirational romance gives insight, clarity, and discernment by modeling real lives struggling with real relationships. All without telling or teaching or trampling.

We may not be the ace pilot with a slightly enlarged ego, but we might recognize that the words his friend had been quietly speaking are similar to the ones our trusted friend has been warning us about. And avoid the fall-out in our own relationship because we listen. Or find the courage to confess an indiscretion and trust it will lead to reconciliation. Outer circumstances change along a timeline, but hearts don’t. Struggles over envy or greed or fear remain. Desire for love, acceptance, and understanding never end. Good fiction mirrors heart-life and in inspirational romance readers can trust the foundation.

Hope. Inspirational romance springs from a faith-based perspective. Often when we really need personal advice we go to someone who not only has known our ups and downs but also has stayed by our side through them. They already speak our heart and soul language. We have confidence to know we are using the same vocabulary.

Author Gail Gaymer Martin notes that there are three threads in inspirational romance: personal, romantic, and spiritual growth. As the characters grow into their relationship with each other, they also develop a relationship with God in their individual faith walk. Understanding and developing their spiritual needs sometimes will draw them closer together and at other times will drive them further away. However, the end result will always be hope, even if it is only a sliver of light.

Inspirational romance is heart romance inside and out—changing lives, restoring souls, and creating new beginnings, all grounded in love.

Share: What authors do you know that share all three aspects in their romances?

                                             Read deep, marcy

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