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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Mythic Definition as Creativity

Write with Impact

Have you ever noticed how many fairy tales and folktales begin with the concept of a land far away, and yet the "new land" might be just down the road as well as across the horizon? And while following that geography the tales repeat what would be considered familiar locations: a great forest, across the seas, a castle, a cottage, a road. The people and animals are listed by familiar type as well: beggar, woodcutter, king, peasant, dragon, wolf. Often their immediate actions and choices fall into familiar patterns, but then they have to reassess.

From Aristotle on many writers believe there are only two basic plot points which apply to every story. 1) A stranger leaves town. 2) A stranger comes to town. Note how perfectly they fit into the land far away mentioned above. And these two stories, as well as other patterns, keep being told over and over.

This is myth as creativity. Regardless of the consistent pattern structure or the basic ingredients, it comes out new and keeps being re-told. Think of Cinderella or David versus Goliath. Once Upon a Time has been completely recreated in the popular television series.

Mythic stories look at the familiar surroundings from a different vantage point. What is seen is not necessarily so. It takes a new vision, a deeper look. Whether the journey is long or short in physical distance or in terms of moral choices, the story characters return with a completely new perspective on their old familiar life.

These stories are both personal and universal. No two versions are identical. With each new telling the storyteller brings fresh color and music and conversation designed for his particular audience. It feeds the creative heart much like a child who asks to hear a story over and over again. Which one is your favorite?

Share: Whenever I give workshops where I give an exercise where I set out a pattern sentence or pattern ingredients I am always amazed at the variety of style genre and atmosphere.

Write your version of the following pattern.  Turn right at the end of the town square (whatever key detail you choose) and head (north, south, east, west) down the ………road. Soon you will (see, hear, notice, recognize)……. Be sure to reach the…….by sunset or else you will face…….

Have fun!

Read deep, marcy

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