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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Strategy # 5 Honest Sensory Keys: Touch

Build Your Story: 8 Strategies for Writing Innovative Setting with Impact

“Think of the eerie nature of these kinds of touch: the feel of a hand on the back of a neck; the slippery quality of blood on skin; the light pressure of breath in a person’s ear.” Jordan E. Rosenfeld

Suspense Exercise: Touch

Writing Exercise

1.     Do you remember playing a game where you put your hands into a bag and guessed what was inside? In whatever setting your character is in, past, present or future, prepare a guessing bag for them and put in common ingredients from their place for them to feel. Make a list of their reactions.

2.     Use that memory to help you character through a difficult situation, like a need to escape either emotionally, or literally tied up with strong ropes.

Movie Exercise

1.     Choose one brightly lit scene from a favorite movie in your genre and one darker setting.

2.     For each scene go through the sensory categories in this strategy and make a list of everything you notice.

3.     Pick out the ones that seem to best highlight each scene? Why

Here’s one example from the movie Hugo. In the scene when Hugo follows George Melies home the night is dark, cold, and damp. The whole walk reflects the shadows, the sadness, and the uncertainty ahead of him. Then the street with funery figures highlight the magnitude of the grief that both these characters are carrying and become an external image in cold stone.

Share: What most unsettling sensation did your character receive in the bag?

Read deep, marcy

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