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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Workshop: An Introduction to Writing for Children and Young Adults

“Talent is not enough.”  Mollie Hunter

Welcome to this blog workshop. Over the next several weeks we’ll be discussing what defines quality for this field of writing, examining genres and techniques, developing critique and revision skills, develop written practice of the elements of fiction with an emphasis on craft, voice, and form, and take a practical look at the publishing market.


We’ll take it all in small bites. And add in lots of space for inter-active questions, discussion, and guest bloggers. So, share your comments, and concerns, and questions, then if I’ve missed any they can be covered in their specific posts.

What exactly would you like to learn/accomplish in this field. Can you already recognize and define the various genres of children’s literature: picture books, chapter books, reader’s theatre, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, including historical-fantasy-contemporary, and multicultural. Or does it all seem a confusing melting pot?


Without fail every book on writing for children from crib to college asks this question first. Why exactly do you choose to write for this particular age? Mollie Hunter says, “the freedom of the children’s writer can be assessed for what it truly is—freedom with responsibility.” Katherine Paterson says, “Connecting is a vital, not a minor function. Connecting is what you and I are primarily concerned with. That’s what imagination is all about.”

        What are your individual goals? What is your heart calling to you to write? And why might talent not be enough? Dig out a fresh journal or begin a new folder. Start jotting down a conversation with yourself as we explore this vibrant literature and begin to fine-tune your journey. 

Share: Which of the above quotes do you identity with? Which puzzles you?

Read deep, marcy

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