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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Voice—Development Part Two

Workshop: An Introduction to Writing for Children and Young Adults

“The recognition of one’s genuine material seems to involve a fall from the phony grace of good intentions and elevated expectations.” Patricia Hampl

Two: Grow Notebook Material

Develop a notebook, or notebooks, system that works for you to keep track of subjects and ideas throughout your writing, reading, and daily life. This is more than a journal. However you design your note taking I suggest two versions—a handwritten notebook and a computerized app. Each will feed a different part of your imagination and creative thinking.

Sources include: reading in multiple genres and ages, life experience, social values, family, friends, questions, quotes, Scripture, art, observations, creative exercises, overheard conversations, music and nature, for example. All become material to draw from. Write down anything that stabs your heart and don’t worry if it seems random. Some ideas take years to grow.

The key here is to notice the ideas and material from your heart and soul that otherwise might get swept away in busyness. Over time you may discover that you are aiming in a general genre direction or a specific voice age or a recurring theme.

(Leonardo's Notebook)

Action Steps:

1.     Decide if you want one notebook with several divisions, or a few smaller notebooks that keep reading and writing separate? Consider which system you are most likely to give up trying to keep and list the reason why.

2.     Choose the simplest version of the one you least like and write in it everyday for a week a source that inspired you positively and a thought or observation that bothered you that day.

3.     Do you think your reason is still a factor or have you changed your mind? When might you want to use this system, if ever?

1)                   From the source list above which creative fuel sparks ideas for you? Which is a source you hadn’t considered?

2)                   Which is your favorite method of tracking ideas? Why?

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