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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Overview Markets: Part Three: One Sheet: Sample

Workshop: An Introduction to Writing for Children and Young Adults

Here is an excerpt from my one sheet for my novel Lightbearer. It was set on the left hand side of the page with my bio on the bottom right. On the actual one sheet it is framed in an invisible box, which sets the following material up almost as a poem in 28 lines. This was important to me as it helped visualize the tone of the story.

You’ll notice that it gives genre, age category (implied by young man), main character, and story question. Basically enough to see if anyone is interested. It’s still general because I don’t know under what circumstances it will be read, so I’m not giving all the details yet.

Concrete specifics will come in the proposal. Then you will need to give the plot line and ending. Note too that some of this introduction material also appears later on the back cover as well as marketing text.

In the land of Lorica, in a place beyond time where prophecies
have been lost in ancient history and only myth
and legend remain intertwined with history, a Ka’hane arrives.

“Ask yourself what would fill you with shame or shrink
your soul to do day after day. Ask yourself what would be worth
dying for or even harder, living, for, with no hope of reward
or recognition or assurance you had chosen rightly. Especially
when the Darkness returns. What will you choose then?”

Jonne, a young man on the brink of vocation in Lorica,
is jolted by the stranger’s piercing remarks which lead him
to emotional, spiritual, and relational struggles as he tries to discover
the timeless question of his purpose and identity by becoming
a Lightbearer, a vocation people no longer even believe exists
or is relevant. The Lightbearers are a faithful remnant that stand
as watchmen for El Olam, God everlasting.

            Share: What is your first question re this story after reading this invitation to read it? Or what details would cause you to say not interested?

Read deep, marcy

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