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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Journal with Impact: Personal Reflection

Workshop: Six Conversations for Writing Creative Journals

“The very process of journaling, of finding my way through emotions and language, is as much about the 'truth' as the finished poem.” Steve Scott

Like memoir writing, Reflection is extremely personal even when you are not preparing to share it publicly. Whether you have mountains of material already at hand and are trying to sort it out, or tumbling about in your heart and soul with no clear direction, it takes time and energy to understand, shape, and mold. Sometimes a seemingly simple exercise will knock you over emotionally for no apparent reason.

So over these next weeks, be kind to yourself, take a break whenever you need to and don’t worry about deadlines or output. The purpose of this workshop is to assist in uncovering and engaging heart, soul, and mind stories that you need to connect with. Then begin the shaping process as an application to your personal journey.

Five-Minute Pulse 

1. If you had to choose what color best describes you today, what would it be?

2. Make a brief list or do a quick free write on the reasons you chose that color; i.e. the facts leading to that decision—at least the ones you are aware of.

3. Now go back again and do a commentary for yourself. What are your feelings toward being that color? Is that positive or negative or neutral? Do you like the color but didn’t want to be "orange" today?

This is one example of doing a reflective exercise in your journal. It’s so easy to go on automatic pilot and react to our day and never experience what’s going on around us. The pause helps us to connect to our feelings. It can be simply by identifying why we’re grouchy, anxious, happy, or irritable. Then it can travel deep down to emotional mental health.

Perhaps color isn’t the spark for you. Then choose a metaphor or symbol from your own life. Musical instruments, or cooking spices, or flowers. Whatever you choose for your pulse meter make it simple and familiar. It needs to be an immediate intuitional spark.

Journal Stretch 

Here’s where you approach a wide range of journal uses with more time to explore, whether for daily reflection, decision-making, transition times, or crisis. Sometimes you will need to come at the same issue at different times, especially if it’s too painful the first time. Don’t stop to analyze but write your thoughts down. Then walk away.

At your next writing, pause and write another stretch. Then review the first one you wrote. Do you see anything new that you hadn’t noticed before? Write down your observations. Keep up the process until you feel you have the insight you need to move ahead with decisions or actions. Come back to the journal for clarity whenever you need more connection.

If, for example, you choose to write a decision stretch, you might consider these questions.

Action Steps:

1. Write down everything you already know about the decision before you.

2. Is there a time frame connected to it, and if so, how is that affecting your answer pressure wise? How might you neutralize that stress?

3. In what ways is this potential choice affecting you emotionally in your relationship with others?

4. Do you know someone, or some resource, that might help you focus your concerns?

Share: How long did you walk away before revisiting the process? Did it give you some clarity?

Read deep, marcy

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