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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Journal With Impact: Vocation Set Goals

Workshop: Six Conversations for Writing Creative Journals

“The writer who observes the battlefield before entering the fray will be better equipped to plan strategy and tactics.” James Scott Bell

Whatever your projects are—it’s not a contest but individual growth toward discovery and excellence. Some parts will come easier than others and our creative process varies. Sometimes we shut down for a while, and if we do, we need to ask why, not to lay blame on ourselves but to recognize if we need to replenish our creative possibilities. Perhaps we’ve become overextended and need time to rest.

Setting specific goals enables us to roadmap the process with anticipation even when obstacles deter us. Especially if we do have deadlines to meet.

Clarify Goals
In order to develop a vision, you first need to clarify exactly what your particular goals are for your purpose. Author Jim Denney divides them into Long-Range=career goals, Mid-Range=Specific projects, and Short-Range=daily/weekly.

Goals don’t contain the words “maybe,” “if I can,” or “someday.” A goal starts with “today I will.” Using the acronym below, write measurable goals for yourself, as they specifically relate to your particular project. Then next to each write your potential stumbling block. What resources will you need to overcome that hindrance if it comes up? Start with, this week or month or year I will plan:

Look over the partial overview example below and write up your preliminary objectives. Then take the action steps and expand them into details as they apply to you.

Action Steps:

Second—Measurable (think quantity)
Third—Attainable (think action)
Fifth—Time-bound (think deadline)

Share: Which action step was the simplest to identify? What obstacle did you discover as a definite problem?

Read deep, marcy

Project Example: Setting Goals For Writing
Set yourself some reading goals as well as writing goals.
1.    Look for three books in your area of interest from three different authors to read over the next two months.
2.    Pick up a cheap secondhand copy of a book you really like to read and mark up.
3.    Read constantly—it all connects.
Create a plan with a deadline and then work backwards.
            Example: Write a rough draft of a novel in one year.
            Set yourself some writing deadlines such as:
            1st three chapters—in two months
            polished first chapter—three months
            zero rough draft—in six months 

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