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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Journal With Impact: Family Heirlooms

Workshop: Six Conversations for Writing Creative Journals

“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” Bob Dylan

Family Heirlooms

Write down what you or other family members pass along through generations, either of value or humorous. Some of our Christmas ornaments seemed a bit odd after a few generations.

Why do some items become so special that there is conflict over who inherits it? Or is something a complete mystery?

One item that my youngest aunt saved for me from my paternal grandmother was a christening gown, made of intricate lace and exquisite needlework. Each child in the family had worn it, and I was the last to inherit it. How she came upon such a rich garment from a very low working-class background was a secret that no one knew the answer to. But it traveled across the ocean with her and was used for the christenings of her next three children born in her new country.

Choose one particular item and catalog it as if a museum piece. Send out letters asking siblings or cousins what stories they remember and then put them all together as a collection.

Action Steps:

1. What heirloom has a secret?

2. Is it dangerous?

3. What damage could it do to present relationships?

Share: What item did you choose?

Read deep, marcy

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