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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Journal With Impact: Travel Journey

“Thresholds are necessary in the creative process in giving an idea somewhere to go.”                                                                                                                   Tim Wynne-Jones

A portal can be considered a physical door, a road, latitude or longitude, and a heart change. We step through portals daily and cross threshold markers without even thinking about them. But when we plan a concrete travel journey we hope to be enlightened either emotionally, or visually, or mentally. We aim for at least one specific definitive destination. We choose to journey.

What is your dream journey?

A few weeks of complete solitude in nature: a river, an ocean, a forest? Climb a mountain? Trek a pilgrimage walk, or an historical excursion of your favorite author or artist or architect? Perhaps one season to follow a special musical tour or a beloved sports team.

Maybe a family heritage you would like to walk in order to honor or grieve their sacrifice. Trail the Underground Railroad or follow a pioneer path as a remembrance of their courage. Or each year visit a new country to build bridges across cultures.

Take a river cruise or language classes in another country? Or? The possibilities extend beyond our imaginations.

So where would you most like to travel?


What is the lure that draws you to that desire? Would you be willing to follow that dream regardless of how long it would take to fulfill?

These are the questions that help to focus on whether a particular journey is truly a potential reality or a nice daydream. Some heart decisions need to be understood so that the time and cost and effort are clear goals before you even take the first step.

Action Steps:

1.Take a small notebook that you can carry around and begin to ask yourself the basic questions: who, what, why, when, where, and how.

2. Don’t start with the logistics—start with the impulse of your dream. Apply these questions to understand what makes this important to you.

3. Are you willing to wait years or is there a time factor regarding age? What could other limitations be?

4. What reading and research might be necessary in order to have a clear idea of what you are seeking? Are you open to disappointments or unexpected information that could change your entire goal?

5. Journal out as many questions that you can think of to confirm this is your dream journey.

6. Then you start to outline your plan.

Share: What is your first step? How soon can you take it?

Read deep, marcy

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