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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Words with Impact: Eight Communication Basics to Discover Words That Sing

“The conscious use of mythic themes and tropes-that is elements and language that reflect either figuratively or literal use of images, symbols and folklore-is the key ingredient, allowing authors to explore realistic themes on a symbolic level.” Julie Bartel

Workshop Introduction

Welcome to Words with Impact. In this new blog workshop for 2019 we are going to look at key exercises that enable us to sharpen our senses, to discern language, shape images, define metaphors, and fine-tune word choices with purpose.

Words that sing are the words that stand out to the reader. They impact the heart and provide a lingering resonance. We choose these words like a painter chooses a particular color from his palette, or a poet her sound. They are usually ordinary words that are fine-tuned for a clear purpose. Musicians all use the same notes, but one may write an opera and another heavy metal rock. The styles, the genre, the melody all impact the final result. Likewise our words arise out of each project.

Words With Impact Outline (six weeks each)

Develop Honest Code

Deepen Vocabulary

Direct Language Communication

Discover Metaphoric Language

Draw Poetry Techniques Into Fiction

Describe Symbols as Allusions and Echoes

Design Symbols as Images

Discern Typology

Action Steps:

1. Choose a turning point memory in your own life, or for your character. Write it up with as many details as possible. Don’t worry about overwriting it. Pour in sensory specifics.

2. Now color code the sensory highlights as if you were filling in a stained glass window or a paint-by-number. Which color is predominant?

3. Re-write as a scene capturing that particular focus.

4. Did the sensory focus surprise you? Was it in agreement with the memory or in conflict?

Share: Is there one specific word that captures your emotions?

For example: Once I did a mini exercise describing the kitchen in the home I lived in as a child. I checked it later against an old photograph I found and I was amazed at how accurately the details had stayed with me. However, in the actual exercise I realized that one sense was entirely missing—smell. Now that missing factor really jumped out at me, a kitchen with no memory of smell. One day that one detail will make it into one of my stories.

Read deep, marcy


  1. Love, love this new workshop introduction! One word that describes my emotions right now is, waves.

    1. And that is interesting, a kitchen without smell, and yet it is the most powerful sensory object, especially for a kitchen.

  2. I really like that vision of motion. :) Thanks, Tish!


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