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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Build A Story World

“The work begins with a deep breath and a blindly trusting step into the unknown.” Susan Cooper

Cross-culture—time dimension
Across time dimension includes time within the same world history, such as a novel in an historical setting crossing generations on a family plantation.  Or in a city that we see grow from a seaport to a major world hub similar to the history of  New York City or San Francisco.

And time dimension also covers time travel backwards or forwards, such as Back to the Future series. It also includes time across space, such as Farscape or Stargate, and time into a parallel dimension, such as a spiritual dimension, or any other realm that is accessed through a portal of some kind like Dante’s trilogy and the land of faerie. Time may pass by on equal ground, be compressed, or expanded.

Look for key places that can hold common ground across many centuries, and also capabilities than can be inherited. They can carry both the foundation of setting and the echo of atmosphere. It could carry the weight of the pyramids in Egypt, or a coastal town set on a rocky cliff in Ireland, or Greece or alongside a river like the Rhine or the Mississippi.

Damar, Part One
For example, Robin McKinley sets two novels in the fictional land of Damar separated by a considerable time span. They can be read in any order without sacrificing their stories due to the integral setting that overlaps each novel. McKinley has provided a vivid setting that has the potential to expand into more episodes in Damar, either past or present or future, by holding to the setting atmosphere and characteristics which make Damar unique to itself, and influence whatever characters come into its sphere.

Exercise: Choose an important location in your setting and list the details that make it so. Using those details, write up a legend about it that could be found in an historical article or sightseeing brochure.

Share: Which detail can play a major part in the current time plot?

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