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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Build a Story World

But I am rich with the wealth of Sight,
The coin of the realm of dreams…”
Don Blanding (A Vagabond’s House)

Coinage Introduction

Coinage is defined (in worldbuilding) both as the legal money of a country and “something valued or used as if it were money in a particular sphere.” It has strong links to culture and to heresy (in a few weeks) as its importance supports, or denies, the personal connection of the people who use it.

What is the main form of currency—potions, trade, or money? If money—is it paper, or metal. What are the levels of currency? What is considered the poorest and of no consideration? What is desired more than anything else? Is barter acceptable or not?

In a desert land, water is the most precious commodity. In outer space often whatever is required to keep the spaceships moving has the highest priority.

However each person also has a definition of a value personal to himself or herself as the quote above suggests.

1. Make a list of the various currencies your story world uses. If in doubt, begin with a simple exchange at a town marketplace. How does each vendor expect payment for goods? Does he charge differently for local or tourist, wealthy or poor?

2. Begin a section in your research record keeping of what types of currencies are used where, especially if you will be developing several locations and or worlds.

Share: What would your hero or heroine never sell regardless of treasure?

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