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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Construct With Memory

Recently my grandson’s class did an art project studying Chagall. It was fascinating to see the images these six year-olds chose to reflect their emerging sense of self-portrait and what they remembered as being important to them. And satisfying to see that almost every child chose some depiction of home or school as being a safe place. This is the age to be able to dream big dreams, to become someone new every day and learn to stretch their imagination into possibilities.

For some, this season becomes the root of direction. Perhaps not the actual future vocation, but the essence of value begins to come to light. For others, it’s a long journey. For all it’s a struggle to know when to pursue a dream, and when it needs to be adapted.

One little girl splashed dance all over her portrait, basically ignoring all the other categories. Motion and movement pour out of her. Will she become a dancer—only time will tell if that dream is a concrete reality—but somewhere music will need to be a large part of her life.

Most childhood dreams fade with laughter, however some fade leaving behind a dark shadow when a piece of us becomes cut away along with the dream. Or dismissed as being irrelevant—impossible—irresponsible.

Maybe for ourselves and our characters we need to stop, reflect, remember our own self-portrait and see if we’ve forgotten something important that needs to be refreshed. Langston Hughes captures that essence in his poem.

       by Langston Hughes

                        "Hold fast to dreams
                        For if dreams die
                        Life is a broken-winged bird
                        That cannot fly

                        Hold fast to dreams
                        For when dreams go
                        Life is a barren field
                        Frozen with snow"

Journal Prompt:

1.                    Two prominent images here are the broken-winged bird and the barren field. What are some feelings you associate with these images?

2.                    What two or three words would your character use to remember a broken dream?

Share: One image you chose and your reason why.

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