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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Build A Story World

Core Cosmos/Cosmology

The next major theme Moring discusses is found from Native Americans who often see their cosmos through a numerical theme set in a pattern of fours, both in multiples and in directions.  

He gives an excerpt from a Lakota document that shares the four directions: east, west, south, north as a primary spatial theme. Then other natural cycles are divided into four as well; “four divisions of time: the day, the night, the moon and the year. Four kinds of things that have breath: those that crawl, those that fly, those that walk on four legs, and those that walk on to legs.”

For the Hopi people, though while four directions are at the beginning of cosmology, they are not however the familiar compass points, north, south, east and west—“but are directly related to the observation of the rising and setting sun at solstices.” Their creation is seen spatially as well, though the center view relates to place at solstice.

Also in Hopi mythology, this present world is considered the Fourth World to which the Creator, Tewa, led the people after the Third World was destroyed by flood.

In Mesoamerica cosmology the Aztec consider this world to be the fifth world, but the demise of the previous four universes is depicted symbolically in The Aztec Calendar Stone through hieroglyphs and pictures and provides mythological significance of heritage.

Exercise: Mark the central core of your ‘place’ in your land, and then view it through a numerical theme. Divide both in directional terms and in the division of the day. For example a six-pointed star has different meanings; among them it is known as the Star of David and The Star of Creation. Laying one or the other, as a compass directional and divided day, would differ according to which theme you used as your focus.

Share: What number did you choose to use? Did you have a particular reason?

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