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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Build a Story World


Even if it is a “new world’ it brings with it the influence that marked the journey. For example the new beginnings for the first immigrants to America and to Australia suffered extreme deprivation. Yet the societal mix of each group was entirely different. Many first settlers to America were fleeing religious persecution, but still maintained loyalties to England. Generally they still had some choice to go or not. However many of the first settlers to Australia were forced to go as laborers, convicts and bound servants.

Another important factor for historical background is to consider what is being left out. For example, we read or see a violent fight between two groups of people, with or without distinction by class or race or apparent vocation or aliens, and there is no evidence of law enforcement whatsoever. What are possible questions?

Over the next few blogs we’ll examine three critical reading exercises that help us access a sense of history. First look at the example and then repeat the ‘reading’ with material from your own world research either using a photo or painting or narrative description.

The first you’ve already done with the photo by Hopper several weeks ago.  But now repeat the exercise, and choose a photo you’ve selected for your world. Consider one city, or one landmark within a particular city. For example, is there a national monument that draws a pilgrimage?

 Describing a place.
a.     How has the author organized the space?
b.     What is the attitude or feeling portrayed?
c.      What features are employed?
d.     What is unique?
 For each give a specific example.

Share: Which detail did you emotionally connect to?

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