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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Build a Story World

Heresy With Impact Cont’d

As you’re reading, researching and building your novel’s story world, look for all the places where heresy is possible or where heresy once existed. Start small within your character’s personal world and then expand out as it emotionally impacts your main character and the story question. Attach your personal feelings from last week's exercise to your character’s situation. 

For a series, maybe book one could include the seed for a heresy to explode in book five. Or book three will settle once for all a heresy that existed before book one.

Chart out a cause and effect graph for both viewpoints, along with a potential timeline for the consequences. Then, if using it in a series, you will have a better sense of where different “effects” need to be placed.


Take your primary setting for your character and make a list of all the ‘forbiddens’ that could affect that particular site. Go crazy. Make silly ones as well as serious.

What if a café refused service if a person did not have a tattoo? What if a prestigious art museum allowed a children’s birthday party (complete with gooey cake) at the foot of a priceless masterpiece?

Share: Which particular incident in your list appalls your character? Which does she think is ridiculous?

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