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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Book Review: Writing BLURBS THAT SIZZLE and Sell! by Karen S. Wiesner

WOW! Once again Wiesner has expertly taken a critical aspect of a writer’s necessary abilities and made it understandable and, even more important, doable.

Most of the authors I know cringe at the word blurb and even the ones who are capable without extreme stress see them as a necessary evil. This book gives a well- needed tutorial for each potential blurb format.

The various versions, and the many ways, blurbs are misunderstood or misused has been both startling and encouraging. Knowing what is a wrong approach and why clearly explains why so many authors find them almost terrifying. But after listening to Karen S. Wiesner’s clarity they now become an interesting and strong resource to complement each individual book.

Right now there is so much misuse or misinformation regarding blurbs that the need to have them each stand out is undermined. Blurbs That Sizzle takes each detail, explains the purpose, points out the potential pitfalls, differentiates between genres and readers, gives tips, offers clear techniques, and shares multiple examples and exercises to evaluate and “to hone effective good blurb writing skills.”

One quality I extremely appreciate in all of her writing books are the hands on step-by-step examples and worksheets for every tool she discusses. Here she doesn’t only explain the differences between High-Concept Blurbs, Back Cover Blurbs, and Series Blurbs but shows a wide range of examples—both bad and good—then walks us through the process for our own stories.

A blurb is meant to be for the reader, she says, not the many other versions. It is to invite your reader to enter into a compelling story. “The purpose of the blurb is a-three fold C for a reader: capture, (to provide) content, (to give a reason to) care.

In Writing BLURBS THAT SIZZLE and Sell! we can learn to sizzle too.

Read deep, marcy

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