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“You enter the extraordinary by way of the ordinary.” ~Frederick Buechner

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Build a Story World

Transportation Cont’d

Air travel. What exists? The usual planes, helicopter, and hot-air balloons, or magic carpets, flying horses, jetpacks, giant birds and floating ships? Can the skateboard act like a flying carpet?

Is your space ship made of metal or is it a living creature? In the series Firefly the crew is always dealing with their spaceship home, Serenity, which needs constant attention to function. In fact the ship’s mechanic, Kaylee, came on board in the first episode solely due to her intuitive knowledge of how to repair Serenity. The crew need Serenity for transportation and without a crew Serenity cannot fly.

However in the series Farscape, Moya is a living ship, a fifth generation Leviathian once free, then captured by the Peacekeepers, a militant regime, and now home to renegades fleeing the corrupt empire. Moya has allowed her passengers to stay, but has the ability to defend herself against unwarranted actions by the crew. They need her, but she doesn’t need them for transportation.

Compare these long-term relationships with other sci-fi movies or shows where transportation is simply a vehicle and has no emotional value at all.

If you have a central mode of air-travel, brainstorm a spectrum from no emotional connection whatsoever to a living, being, co-character, and then choose which location on that spectrum works best for your character and your story. What plot points can impact your story because of potential difficulties?

Share: What basic transportation does your character use and how invested is he its survival?

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